Services Provided

Some of the services that a Daily Money Manager can provide include:

8 ways a Daily Money Manager can help you

During our initial phone consultation, we will identify services you require and explain how we work.  When we schedule an appointment in your home or at our office, any family members are also welcome to attend.  Prior to this in-person meeting, we will send you a copy of the Client Service Agreement for your review.

We can work according to your particular needs and on your schedule, whether we meet weekly, monthly or just once a year to get your tax documents ready.

We work with clients throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Baltimore Metro region.

Confidentiality Assured

We will protect your personal information with the following practices:

  • A Client Service and Confidentiality Agreement will be signed at our first meeting and we are bound by the AADMM Code of Ethics.
  • We do not keep any password information for you. Password information is only accessed when we meet with you and at your place of residence.
  • We are bonded, insured and have a completed security background check.

The Peace of Mind Planner: the Solution to Organizing Your Estate Documents

With the Peace of Mind Planner, you and your loved ones will be better prepared for the unexpected.  When you know there is a roadmap in place, you will be able to resolve particular estate issues potentially saving you money in future legal and accounting fees.

The Peace of Mind Planner can be personalized with all of your critical estate documents including your family and medical history, financial and insurance information, legal documents and a comprehensive list of all your assets including where to find them so your loved ones are clear about your intentions and your last wishes and desires.

As we go through the checklist to complete the Peace of Mind Planner, we will ask you questions and make notes for your Planner which will be stored on a USB flashdrive and can be password protected if you like.  We can also make photocopies of important documents you want to include in the binder. The copies will never leave your home and any documents can also be scanned and stored on this flashdrive.

Once all the information is complete, we will review the Peace of Mind Planner with you, finalize and deliver it to you within 2 weeks of our last meeting.  It is recommended that you put your Peace of Mind Planner in a safe place in your home and discuss it with your family and trusted advisers.  It is also suggested that you review your Peace of Mind Planner on an annual basis to update any changes in your circumstances.