Estate Organizing for Peace of Mind

Do you feel overwhelmed by piles of paperwork and unsorted mail? Many people find it overwhelming to stay on top of their personal paperwork – and there seems to more of it to deal with all of the time.

As a Daily Money Manager and financial organizer, my mission is to give you Peace of Mind by providing a personalized and confidential service to help you manage your paperwork, pay your bills or organize your estate documents all in one place with the Peace of Mind Planner so that you can be prepared for the unexpected.

It is not something that we think about every day, but we should all know where we keep our important documents such as our Will and Power of Attorney. But what about the other things like your medical information, financial records and online passwords?

With the Peace of Mind Planner, you and your loved ones will have this information to hand and will have a roadmap in place to deal with any type of situation as well as potentially saving your family money from future legal and accounting fees.

Why not give yourself and your loved ones Peace of Mind and contact Mary for free 20-minute confidential consultation about a service tailored to your needs.